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Success is Just One SMART Move Away


Become a Little Chess Masters® Licensee!

Designed for the very BEST preschools interested in early childhood education! Parents love our unique training system

focused on chess proficiency by Kindergarten


Our Proprietary Curriculum Includes:

40 Engaging Lessons

Supplemental Worksheets

Chess Coloring Sheets

Preschool Tournament Instructions

Equipment: Chess Sets & Pieces

Progress Report Templates

Training and Support

How it Works

1. We’d Love to Learn More About You!
We have provided our Initial Inquiry Form so we can get to know you and learn why you think that a Little Chess Masters license might be the right step for your school.

2. We’d Love to Speak with You
After evaluating your Initial Inquiry form and deciding that there might be a match, we would like to speak with you on the phone. We can answer your questions and hear all about your personal and business expectations.  


3. Complete your Licensee Application
The licensee application allows us to evaluate you formally as a candidate. We are very careful to make sure that we are a great match together!
Our excellent training system will make you feel confident about running your very own Little Chess Masters program! Our staff will be available to support you at all times to offer advice and recommendations.


“Thanks as always for the amazing work you and your family do for the kids; Freddie loves chess and we have you to thank.”

—  Chris G., Parent

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