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HONORS:  Hall of Fame

Danny F. and Justin S. trained with our Chess School for many years, and they went on to compete successfully at the National level. They have remained best friends throughout despite their fierce rivalry over the board due to their excellent sportsmanship!

Carmen P. is one of the strongest chess players in all of Idaho for both youth and adults. She started playing with our Chess School when she was just four years old and has now won many state and national tournaments for both boys and girls!

Gabriel E. lives in Southern CA, and he has been studying with our Chess School online for the past four years. He is now one of the best Youth chess players in the world, and he competes successfully in international tournaments!

Luke Vellotti is an International Master who is the strongest player Idaho has even produced for both children and adults. He is additionally a 4-time National Champion and 10-Time member of the All-American Team!

Jace X. started playing chess online with our Chess School as a beginner level player. He rapidly advanced to an top player winning numerous tournaments throughout Northern CA!

Isaac B. started playing chess at his school in our afternoon program. He went on to become a three-time State Champion and nationally ranked player for our Chess School.

Paige P. has been studying chess in our HONORS program for several years now. We are very proud of her progress from beginner player to Girl's State Champion!

Adam J. was one of the first Chess School students. He trained with us for many years to become both a State and National chess champion. We are proud to note that he now attends Harvard University!

Emily P. joined our Chess School and rapidly transitioned from a 'casual player' to State Champion. She won many local and regional tournaments, becoming one of the highest rated players in her state - for both scholastic and adult players!


“Helen is really enjoying your chess classes tremendously. A million thanks for all you do!!”

—  Melissa H., Parent

HONORS:  State & National Champions

Vellotti's Chess School Win 1st
at National Chess Competition

They learn to compete and                develop mental strength.

- Frank Stein

Vellotti's Chess School Parent,

after securing a 1st Place win at the National Championship

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